You can’t negotiate your best deal until you know the current condition of every mechanical, and electrical component and system, including misuse or abuse, and frame damage.

Yes, our vans are fully equipped, including hydraulic lifts, inspection and diagnostic equipment, and computer testing equipment. A proper PPI needs to get under the vehicle to inspect for undercarriage damages, leaks, boot conditions, motor mounts, wheel bearings, etc… Also, to properly test the suspension system, you must get the weight off the tires.

First, Auto P. I. does not perform any repairs, which allows our Inspectors to be completely unbiased when inspecting a vehicle. We will give you an honest assessment of the vehicle and the actual condition of the vehicle.

Second, all of our Inspectors are ASE Certified Master Technicians. This means that Auto P. I. Inspectors are certified and qualified to inspect every automotive mechanical and electrical component and system. In contrast, most repair shop technicians specialize in only a few of the ASE automotive areas. Auto P. I. employs only ASE Master Certified Technicians. All of our vans are fully equipped with inspection and diagnostic equipment, including hydraulic lifts and computer testing equipment.

Third, most automotive technicians are not Frame Specialists. For a body and frame inspection, you would have to go to a body shop and have a body and frame specialist determine any previous accident damage. However, Auto P. I. Inspectors are both ASE Master Technicians and Frame Specialists.

Fourth, Auto P. I. does not sell any aftermarket products or services.

We require at least a 2-hour notice to cancel the inspection.  This allows us time to schedule another inspection for the Technician. There is a $75 charge for cancellation or if the vehicle is not available for inspection or if the seller/salesperson refuses to perform the inspection.

Auto P. I. does not get into the pricing or value of a used vehicle. For vehicle pricing, we suggest that you look for similar vehicles selling on various used car websites to get an idea of what the vehicle is worth. Also, there are several online used car pricing sites or contact your loan officer for pricing information. An Auto P. I. inspection will let you know the vehicle’s current condition and the cost of any needed repairs.. You can take the inspection information and adjust the price of the vehicle to determine its approximate value.

We do not endorse or rate used car dealerships. All reputable dealers will encourage you to have a vehicle independently inspected before purchase.

In Texas, there is NO used car Lemon Law, NO 30-day law, NO 3-day or 72-hour take back period for used vehicles. When purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, you are required to sign an AS IS document. If a dealer gives a guarantee, be sure you understand the limitations of the guarantee before you sign the document.

If you are not present for the inspection, the Inspector will email a copy of the report immediately after the inspection and contact you to go over the report. The phone consultation will give you all the pertinent information you need to conclude your deal.

We do not perform any repairs. This allows us to be unbiased when we inspect a vehicle.

  1. To avoid any appearance of impropriety, we cannot endorse any repair shop. However, before you take your vehicle to any shop, visit Yelp and check out the reviews for that business. Once you decide on a repair shop, make sure the Automotive Technician that will work on your car is ASE Certified on the component or system that needs repair (most Technicians only certify on a few of the 8 general automotive areas). We also suggest that you get at a couple of estimates if you can and be sure that the repair shop guarantees their work.

Many people have us inspect their car before their warranty expires or inspect them to determine any needed repairs.

  1. Texas does not allow for mobile safety/emissions inspections. You must go to a brick-and-mortar location for inspections.

Yes, you can change your appointment time or location. We do require at least 2-hour advance notice. There is a $50 charge if you cancel your appointment with less than 2 hours or if the vehicle cannot be inspected once we arrive at the location.  Be sure that you inform the seller or salesperson of your scheduled inspection time and that the vehicle is drivable.

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