Computer Diagnostic testing

Quick & Accurate Testing

We understand the value of accurate diagnostic testing. It is key for assessing your vehicle’s health. That’s why we offer computer diagnostic testing. It helps find any hidden issues that affect your vehicle’s performance. We have top-notch diagnostic gear and expert technicians. We can find problems quickly and accurately. This will give you peace of mind about your vehicle’s condition.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Our facility has the latest diagnostic tools and tech. We use them to do thorough computer tests on your vehicle. Our advanced equipment can analyze many components and systems. It can find issues or malfunctions in engines, electrical systems, and more.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our computer diagnostic testing goes beyond simply identifying error codes. We analyze your vehicle’s onboard computers. We do this to find any hidden issues. These issues can affect performance, fuel efficiency, and drivability. It could be a bad sensor or a more serious mechanical issue. We’ll find the cause and give you clear, useful insights

Transparent Reporting

After the tests, we’ll give you a report outlining our findings. Our reports are easy to understand and clear. You can view the issues and the necessary steps to address them. We believe in keeping you informed. We will do this at every step so you can decide about your vehicle’s needs for maintenance and repair.


When it comes to computer diagnostics, trust the experts at Auto P.I. We have advanced gear and skilled techs. We commit to conducting fair tests. We’ll help you keep your car running well for many miles. Schedule your diagnostic testing appointment today and experience the difference for yourself

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