600-Points Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our ASE Certified Master Technicians do Used Vehicle Inspections. They specialize in providing thorough inspections. The goal is to help buyers make informed decisions. We offer an array of services. Among them, our 600-Point Pre-Purchase Inspection is the gold standard. It offers a careful look at every aspect of the vehicle. After the inspection, we provide a detailed computer-generated report. It shows both the good and bad parts of the vehicle. This report is divided into sections and categories. It offers invaluable insights into the vehicle’s current condition. It covers any existing problems or past accident damage.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Includes

We will inspect the vehicle thoroughly. This includes its mechanical, electrical, and frame systems. From the drive train to the electrical accessories, no component is overlooked. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic and computer testing equipment. They delve deep into the vehicle’s inner workings.

we conduct a thorough investigation. inspecting critical areas such as the brakes, suspension, steering system, and exhaust system. Additionally, we check the undercarriage. We also inspect the frame thoroughly. We do this to find any signs of accident damage, rust, or flood damage. During road tests, our technicians assess driveability problems. They scrutinize transmission shift quality, clutch operation, engine performance, and more. We aim to find any signs of damage, misuse, or abuse. These signs may affect the car’s performance or safety.

What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can & Cannot Tell You

Our inspection gives a full view of the vehicle’s condition. But, it’s crucial to know its limits. We can find existing problems and accident damage. But, we cannot predict when a part will fail. Every part has a lifespan. Our inspection aims to give buyers the info they need. This will help them negotiate fairly and avoid big surprises.

An inspection from Auto P.I. Used Car Inspections is an invaluable investment. It’s for anyone in the market for a used vehicle. Our team has Master Technicians. They bring years of experience and expertise to every inspection. They ensure that buyers have the knowledge they need to make confident decisions. You may buy from a used car lot or an individual seller. Our unbiased inspections give peace of mind. They help you avoid buying someone else’s problem.

For those in Austin, TX, looking to schedule an inspection, contact us today. Our mobile service ensures convenient scheduling, with same-day or next-day appointments available. Don’t leave your vehicle purchase to chance. Trust Auto P.I. Used Vehicle Inspections for a thorough and reliable assessment.

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