Vehicle Inspection Services in Austin, TX.

It’s great to see you at Auto P. I. Vehicle Inspection Services in Austin, TX. We are your trusted partner in pre-purchase vehicle inspection services. We started with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence. We strive to provide thorough inspection services, Which helps used car buyers to feel confident and make informed decisions.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization

We set out to fill a key gap in the market. We did this by offering thorough and unbiased pre-purchase inspections. Our love of great cars and dedication to happy customers drive us. We have grown into a trusted car inspection service throughout Austin, TX. We succeed because we have expertise, professionalism, and a relentless commitment to quality.

  • The importance of knowing the true condition of a vehicle before making a purchase. 
  • Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties faced by used car buyers. 

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Company Overview

How we fill out this gap? With our expert team of professional vehicle inspectors

At Auto P.I. We close this gap with our elite team of professional vehicle inspectors. Our ASE Certified Master Technicians have extensive experience and specialized knowledge, especially in Body & Frame. This makes sure they give close attention to detail in every inspection.

  • Mechanical Expertise: Our team’s proficiency in mechanical systems allows us to conduct thorough assessments of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other vital components. We meticulously examine engine performance, transmission functionality, and overall drivability to identify any underlying issues.
  • Electrical Mastery: With expertise in electrical systems, we delve deep into your vehicle’s wiring, battery, and electrical accessories to ensure optimal performance and safety. From diagnosing electrical faults to assessing battery health, we leave no wire untested in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Body & Frame Specialization: Our inspectors specialize in body and frame inspections, meticulously scrutinizing structural integrity, previous accident damage, and the quality of repairs. From assessing frame alignment to detecting signs of corrosion, we’re committed to ensuring your vehicle’s structural soundness.

Our Customer Commitment approach to vehicle verification Service

Our business is a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand the need for peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. We dedicate ourselves to giving you the confidence and assurance you deserve. We design our vehicle inspections to clearly show you the vehicle’s condition. They help you avoid costly surprises. We make the buying process smooth and stress-free. With Auto P.I. by your side, you can buy with confidence. You will know that you have made an informed choice based on reliable info.

We Provide Expert Car Service

Our Team

Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

ASE Technician
Brian Marquis

Brian Marquis

Certified Master Technician

Professional Team

Our team of skilled and experienced technicians is trained to handle a comprehensive range of pre-car inspection services. From checking fluid levels and brake systems to inspecting tires, lights, and the overall condition of any vehicle, our experts utilize the latest tools and technology to ensure a thorough assessment. With their extensive training and in-depth knowledge of various car models and makes, you can trust that any vehicle is in capable hands. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and detailed inspection feedback to give you peace of mind.

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