Auto P. I. Used Car Inspections - Mobile Service

Auto P. I. Used Car Inspections
-Mobile Service-

Not all Automotive Technicians and Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI) are the same!

MechanicThere is no inspection standardization for PPI, or which Technicians are qualified to perform a PPI. Most Automotive Technicians are not qualified to perform a comprehensive PPI.

Most Automotive Technicians specialize on one or more of the 8 general automotive  areas. A PPI should be performed by a Technician that is certified on all 8 General Automotive Areas (ASE Master Tech) and also have Body & Frame experience.

Only  ASE Master Certified Technicians  and Body & Frame Specialists are qualified to properly inspect EVERY mechanical, electrical, and frame systems.

Partial or incomplete inspections increases you chances of missing existing problems that you have to pay for after you purchased the vehicle.

Compare the qualification of the Technician, not price, when looking for a PPI.

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Compare Auto P. I. with any other inspection service or service repair facility:

Professional Pre-Purchase Inspection Criteria Auto P. I. Other Service
Yelp "5 Star" Ratings     YES              ?
BBB A+ Rating     YES              ?
ASE Master Certified Technicians     YES              ?
20+ Years Experience for all Technicians     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Engine Repair/Diagnostics     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Automatic Trans/Transaxle     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Manual Drive Train and Axles     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Suspension and Steering     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Brakes and ABS Systems     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Electrical/Electrical Systems     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Heating and Air Conditioning     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Engine Performance     YES              ?
Trained Body & Frame Specialists     YES              ?
Mobile service - Fully equipped vans with hydraulic lifts     YES              ?
Computer Generated Report (paper and digital copies)     YES              ?
Same Day Service or First Appointment Next Day     YES              ?
Verbal consultation with Master Technician     YES              ?
Factory Safety Recall Search and Texas Title Search     YES              ?
Unbiased Service, No Repairs, No Conflict of Interest     YES              ?
Valuable Used Car Buying Information     YES              ?

A pre-purchase inspection must evaluate every mechanical, electrical, body & frame component.

You cannot negotiate your best deal until you know the EXACT condition of every component and system.

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